Please remember, in order to have a successful season, we must abide by the HSLL COVID Protocols. 

Below are the important protocols for players/parents: 

- All participants (players, coaches, managers) need to fill out THIS SCREENING FORM before EACH session. 

- All players must have their temperature taken before each practice and game. Player temperatures must be below 100.4. We will be looking for parents to help with managing this before the start of practices to give the coaches time to focus on setting up the practice itself.

- Masks must be worn until helmets go on. Coaches will be wearing masks throughout the entire practice.

- We will work on distancing whenever possible. This starts when kids are dropped off, and ends when they’re picked up. The big emphasis will be put on this when they’re gearing up (we’ll be lining bags up 6’ apart), on the sidelines, and any time we huddle up.