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Tahoe Lacrosse Foundation is a non-profit regional youth sports program. Players around the Lake Tahoe // Truckee area's are all welcome!


To provide an opportunity for all children eligible for membership to play and compete in the game of lacrosse, develop as players, and prepare them to take the game to the next level of competition

(Club, High School & College)

Help each individual competitor achieve their highest level of personal sports competence.

Promote physical fitness and good patterns of development and to encourage proper conditioning and health habits.

Provide opportunities for social, emotional, and educational development and to encourage peer and family participation.

Teach good sportsmanship and respect for the game of lacrosse.

Support training and certification of coaching staff and competition officials.

Give back to the lacrosse community by offering program scholarships to financially challenged families and providing lacrosse equipment and monetary support to programs that work with underprivileged youth.

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